Crowns & Bridges Sudbury

dcrownsDental crowns also known as caps are restoration fabricated outside of the mouth that are placed over a tooth when conservation restorations are insufficient to restore form and function.

A dental bridge is used to fill in a space left by missing teeth. Bridges can be designed if there are sturdy teeth on either side of the gap to support it. Dental bridges can also be supported by dental implants. Crowns and bridges can be made of all-ceramic materials, gold, semi-precious metal, or a combination to provide the best strength, function and aesthetics for a specific need.

For both crowns and bridges, your dentist at New Sudbury Dental will shape your teeth to provide ideal support and precise fit of the final restoration. Your dentist will determine color, size and shape of the crown(s) or bridge(s). Then a temporary restoration is secured to protect the tooth or teeth and to allow function while the permanent restoration is being crafted by ceramics laboratory.

All-ceramic crowns are a vast improvement over older crowns with metal substructures that were once the only choice. Especially when used on front teeth, all-ceramic crowns can restore a tooth with color and clarity to match your surrounding teeth with no worry about the “gray gum lines” seen years ago with metal-based crowns. All ceramic crowns are used primarily to restore badly-broken teeth, or teeth that have had root canals.

In cases where teeth have large, broken-down fillings, a dental crown can protect and preserve the remaining natural tooth. Crowns can also be crafted to match surrounding teeth so well that the crown appears virtually identical to your other teeth. In cases where a tooth has had a root canal, a crown is usually indicated to prevent fracture of the delicate tooth, and to mask the natural discolorations these teeth often develop.

At New Sudbury Dental we have an onsite laboratory allowing us to provide you with the best service possible, all cases are planned individually with an onsite ceramist. No more waiting weeks for permanent solutions.